the Mercury Minerals from Terlingua Texas

paint that imitates agate


detouring series —— shepley blondel


My first collage of the year! Also, I stayed in New Mexico a few weeks ago- it looked a lot like this…

© 2014 Sarah Eisenlohr
Magazine collage

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random pick from web
another world Iceland

Undone 2 by scntfc
via Iso50


Papillon Teaser 2012


MESSENGER “Illusory Blues” by signalstarr on Flickr.
super inspiring psychedelic arts!

Untitled by signalstarr on Flickr.

ORACLE by signalstarr on Flickr.

1. Nietzsche
2. White Lie
3. Melancholic
4. Long Walk
5. Sink
6. Utopia
7. Days of Green
8. Northern Lights
My new setlist!


beautiful photo by Reuben Wu

I want to go to this festival so bad!!

mellow bibio’s music